Monday, 28 September 2009

I'm not a writer I just write a lot. (Boxfresh/Grime/and Dances)

Very quick one. I've done enough writing for this month. New term starts tommorow, and Ive already jumped in the swing of banging out 2000 word essays. First of which was this interview with the guys down at Boxfresh. talking about music and stuff. (I know its long trust me I wrote it, I'm also the guy that had to delete most of it)

Look out for the GrimeDigital collaborations coming with them, theres big stuff ahead.

Oh yeah I have to keep shouting it.
Radio starts again on the 29th, Every week Tuesday 11-1. CSRFM.COM.

I only just signed my new presenter contract today(community stations), and bought a new laptop a few days ago so im slightly behind in prep. But hopefully my new lappy likes Serato. If not its a celebrate vinyl special. Expect every show and tl to be upped here and there>

Geography = Grime/Garage/and Dubstep.


Oh yeah if you havent go buy P-moneys CD-"Money over Everyone" its the best grime release all year. Straight up and down.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mini Mix.

Quick 16minute mini mix. Not really grime but I was trying something different, this was the last mix I could record before my trusty old mixer fully kicked it(rip).

Geo - Subliminal
Magnetic Man - Eclipse
Jakes Vs Joker - 3KLane
Dizzee Rascal - Live Large n Charge
*Little Boots - Remedy(Rusko's Big Trainers Remix)
Breakage ft David Rodigan - Together
Geo - Sublow Assassin
La Roux - I'm not your toy(Jack beats remix)

*short cameo from bbk-too many man(its sounded ridiculous at that pitch tho lol)

Dont forget I'm back on Radio on the 29th of this very month, competitions, violence, and everything else you love, condensed into audio form, its gonna be alot.

Friday, 18 September 2009

The Arcade Kids - @ the Venue.

Let me just clarify this isn't the venue in New Cross. (I have never and will never set foot in that place). Heres a chance for the listeners from CSRfm, students, and general ravers from the Kent area, to see me and a great line up in action(btw I play Grime Garage Dubstep and Grime(I know I wrote grime twice)).

Line up is actually a mad ting. Big up The Arcade Kids. Click here for the Facebook Event.

Dont forget I'm back on Radio soon. Next hype.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Frisco's Video Launch Party.

I'm not gonna lie as far as actual writing this is gonna be another quick one, im still exhausted and my head is doing a madness, so take in these pics, watch the video, and pretend I wrote an essay around them. If you live in London, like Grime, and didn't attend a free event with some of the most popular grime artists around today(EVEN AFTER I TOLD YOU TOO), its a par for you.

After a lot of waiting around the night finally kicked off with, Frisco's introduction speech.(that reminds me LOL @ how during the waiting around everyone inside was on twitter)

The Crowd then turned around to watch the Video for Frisco's new Single, "Eyes on you."

Always Ready
Then turned back around to see this.

BBK took to the stage in normal fashion.

Jammer appeared out of nowhere and joined the carnage(as usual). I can't remember how long the set was, but these brief pictures don't do it justice,(Remember I was there for the fun of it tbh). But after the set there was a nice UKFunky set from Funk Butcher, and then Logan SamAkuma arrived...

He put on a serious face, and dropped Grime Bangers. Made the crowd go nuts.


Then he was joined by a few friends, and the night was finished off with a set from JME, P Money, and Blacks.
P Money & Blacks.

Hold tight everyone who attended, (except for the random warm up dj's) it was a very good night. I still have more pictures to wade through, and will probably throw a proper write up on GrimeForum in a few days. Oh yeah if you want any hi-res pictures, drop me an email, and I'll get back to you later on, for now, I'm gonna close this laptop and go back to sleep.


Sunday, 6 September 2009

Quick One.

Par, its the 8th of September which now means, my final and most important year of university looms around the corner, but also I'm looking forward to the goods that will be purchased when that last first installment of the loan drops. Anyway this is just a quick update so guys know im still alive init, I'll post another proper grime read soonish, but for now look at this stuff and get involved if you havent already.

Before I forget, I'm back on legal radio on the 29th of september. Tuesdays 11-1. Geography on CSR FM. Broadcasting worlwide and across kent on the fm dial. If youve never heard one of my shows your slacking, but im gonna be throwing the tracklistings and shows up on here, so you can keep up. In fact ill probably throw up an old show before then. Anyway check the stuff below.



If you want stuff like this straight away, you need to keep checking Grimeforum.

And make sure you get down to friscos Video lauch @ the old blue last on Friday the 11th. It's gonna be alot. It's free but if you want to attend you'll need to RSVP via or by calling 0208 8371 7513.