Sunday, 31 January 2010

Geography // CSRFM // 30th January(Audio and Tracklist)

Didnt really plan the show so just showed up and catered to the requests alongside a few of my favourites and some new bits. Mixed nicely for your ears.

Instrumental mix :
Vocals :
Full show:

Listen to the last 45 minutes on Mixcloud:


Kano - More than one way.
Dot Rotten - Woah ouh woah.
M.I.K - My final Freestyle VIP

In the Mix

Benga -
Caspa ft Beezy - Disco Jaws
Benny Page - Swagger
P Money - If mans talking
Slix ft Tinchy Stryder, Jammer - U do U
Matt Shadetek ft Skepta - Reign
P Jam & Skepta - To experience
JME - Over Me
True Tiger - WD25
Dot Rotten - Ride for me
P-Money - Friuts and Veg
Tempa T -Magic Circle Freestyle
Tinchy Stryder ft Roach - Rollin(remix)
Roll Deep - Hickory Dickory
M.I.K ft Kwam - Never seen Never heard
M.I.K ft Styler - One Shot
Untitled - I am what I am (remix)
Ghetts - Grime Activity

Instrumentals/A few vocals

SRC - Hallucinating
Demos - Dirty Way
Moony - Barley
Caspa & Rusko - Bread Get Bun
Caspa - Marmite
Joker & Ginz - Re Up
Benga - Evolution
DOK - Warning(Geo Remix)
So Solid -Woah(JD Remix)
Dexplicit - Fireboy
Dexplicit - Steamtrain VIP
Silencer - Wizard
Mr Mitch - Snail Shell
DJ Narrows - Saved Soul
Swindle - Airmiles
Jack Daniels - Psionic
DVA - Kill all ah Dem
Jack Daniels - No 7 VIP
JME - 96 Bars of revenge Remix
Gumzy - Dun ya hype Remix
Moony - Dumplin
Big H - Hooligan
Sandman - Eagles Claw
Geo - Carrier Bag
Tempa T - Next Hype
Swizzee Star - What did he say?
P Money - 1 UP
OG'z - Hot Ones (Royal T Remix)
J Beatz - Dutty
Geo - Rubicon
Dot Rotten - Rowdy Riddim
SketchE - 9th Dan
Exo Remedy - Ratchet
SketchE - Shotgun
Gumzy - Scratch n Scar
Geo - Blogger
Geo - Crippled Sublow Assasin
SRC - Tokyo Central

Gonna go do 3 guest mixes tonight and over the next few days so make sure to get your tunes into ASAP.

(Also everyone whos already sent me tunes i havent been able to play yet, its cause i allowed myself to get a huge back log but im literallly emptying my inbox and listening to them now as i type.)

In a bit.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Geo//CSRFM//Grime Instrumental mix (Audio & Tracklist)

To celebrate the new CSR time slot(Saturdays 10PM-12AM). I did a oneaway, 1 hour long Grime Instrumental mix, in the second hour, something I dont think I've actually done before, but its mudness eitherway.

The full 2 hour show(23rd Jan) will be up in a bit. But heres the audio and tracklist for the Grime instrumental mix.



Dexplicit - Steamtrain VIP
Moony - The circus
Jack Daniels - CPU
Jack Daniels - NO 7 VIP
Maniac - Mandem
Geo - Shangralah
Silencer - Mr T
Swizzee Star - What did he say.
Moony - Renegade
SRC - Goomba
Sketche - 9th Dan
D.O.K - Akuma
Hardhouse Banton - Sirens
Swindle - Airmiles
Terror Danjah - Zumpi Huntah (D.O.K Remix)
Wonder - What (Geeneus remix)
Jack Daniels - Hydrolic VIP
Gumzy - Scratch n Scar
Mr Mitch - Fright Night
Swizzee Star - Dubstate
D.O.K - Warning(Geo Remix)
Terror Danjah - Square off
Demos - The Dirty Way
Splurt - Lewisham
Exo Remedy - Ratchet
Bouncer - Slime
SketchE - Power outage
Mr Mitch - Snail Shell
Geo - LOL
Jack Daniels - Psionic
Benny Page - Panpipes
Drake - Forever (Nero remix)
Swindle - Swagger

Send tunes to geo(at)
And for bookings holla at bookings(at)

Friday, 15 January 2010

Introducing... Skandal

As part of a new series of interviews "Introducing" people you probably may have heard of already. I caught up with a rising Hip Hop star, by the name of Skandal. His CD Hunger Pains (mixed by Kiss100's DJ MK) is out in stores now, and has been garnering praise from all angles. With a whole heap of stuff in the pipeline, now seemed like the perfect time to catch up with the South London based rapper.

Hit up the site for the full interview.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

"Darkside will upgrade your current software."

Hold tight everyone browsing on Windows 7:Darkside edition. I really like the F64 series, its always good to hear new bars from MC's, but Im posting this one just cos its so much jokes. I wanna hear a darkside mixtape tbh.

Go check out the others on SBTV's youtube channel.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Geography // CSRFM // 15th December

This was my last show of 09, too busy stuffing my face with Turkey/sleeping to up it but trust me its up there.

I'll be back on radio in like 2 weeks, and dont worry im stacking up ammunition, its gonna be a madness

Skepta ft Dubz, Paper Pabs - Madness
BBK - Goin in(Double Dropped)
Pendulum - The other side(Dubstep remix)
Starkey w/Durrty Goodz - Gutter music
Suspicious Stench - Breathe Remix
Maxsta - East London is back
???-???(Fully Forgotten)
TC - Wheres my money(Caspa & JackBeats remix)
D1 - Ongie Bongie
Silencer - Mr T
Tempa T - Next hype
Gumzy - Dun ya hype(remix)
Benny Page - Stepout
Tempa T - Magic Circle Freestyle/Paxxx
DOK - Warning
Dizzee Rascal - I Luv U
Caspa & Rusko - Bread get Bun
JME - Over me
Joker & Ginz - Stash
Untitled ft Messy - Mind Warp
Caspa - Marmite
Jammer - Doin alot
Dexplicit - Steamtrain VIP
So Solid - Woah (Jack Daniels remix)
Youngstar - Pulse X
Wiley - Wheres my Brother
Skepta - Oh my Gosh
Skepta - Are you Ready?
Scorcher ft Terminator - Spartan
Zomby - Spliff Dub(Rustie Remix)
Beezy - Disco Jaws
Jakes V Joker - 3KLane
Benny Page - Pan pipes
M.I.K ft Styler- One shot
M.I.K ft Kwame- Never Seen Never Heard
SRC - Goomba
SketchE - 9th Dan
SMD - Cruel Intentions(Joker Remix)
Mr Mitch - Fright Night
Moony - The Circus
Deset - Mindwarp v Ecstacy
Jack Daniels - CPU
Demos - Shots from far
Maniac - Headshot
Rusko - Cockney Thug(Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
BBK ft Heartless Crew - Too many man Remix
D-Malice - Gabryelle Bootleg mix
Shystie - Pull It(Ill blu remix)
Wookie - Gallium
KIG ft DonaeO - HSKT's remix
Ms Dynamite - Bad Gyal(Hot like Fire)
Tinie Tempah - Biker Babes
Wiley - The Olly
Wookie ft Lain - Battle
Luck and Neat - Irie
Nesha - Whats it gonna be
Jaimeson - True
Heartless Crew - Superglue riddim (Heartless theme)
Geo - Subliminals.