Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Just Geo - Under the Influence EP (Out on October the 19th)

I swear this is the last of these kinda updates, I'll start blogging properly again pretty soon, I took all my free time at uni for granted tbh. Also England are swag.(It's nil nil at half time to Montenegro, either way the final score is not swaying my verdict).

Anyway check out my EP, It's out next week at all good digital stores and there'll even be a (very) few physical copies floating around, I'm calling them black labels and if your lucky enough to get your hands on one you'll fully know why. Anyway check the preview on Youtube or Soundcloud.

  Just Geo - Under the Influence EP (Out October 19th) by justgeo 

You can pre-order now from 7digital, Play, Amazon, Juno etc

Oh yeah I fully leaked a tune by accident on soundcloud this afternoon, if your one of the people who managed to download it before I remembered to actually share it privately, enjoy, keep it to yourself, and purchase that when it drops in November.

Safe. (back to this shit match.)

Monday, 4 October 2010

Labrinth - Let The Sun Shine (Just Geo Remix)

This is... well... listen. (You'll need a sub or something, or just grab your headphones. Laptop speakers wont cut it in 2010.) Download link soon come. Alongside the instrumental which is called Milky Way.


Buy the original here.