Monday, 28 September 2009

I'm not a writer I just write a lot. (Boxfresh/Grime/and Dances)

Very quick one. I've done enough writing for this month. New term starts tommorow, and Ive already jumped in the swing of banging out 2000 word essays. First of which was this interview with the guys down at Boxfresh. talking about music and stuff. (I know its long trust me I wrote it, I'm also the guy that had to delete most of it)

Look out for the GrimeDigital collaborations coming with them, theres big stuff ahead.

Oh yeah I have to keep shouting it.
Radio starts again on the 29th, Every week Tuesday 11-1. CSRFM.COM.

I only just signed my new presenter contract today(community stations), and bought a new laptop a few days ago so im slightly behind in prep. But hopefully my new lappy likes Serato. If not its a celebrate vinyl special. Expect every show and tl to be upped here and there>

Geography = Grime/Garage/and Dubstep.


Oh yeah if you havent go buy P-moneys CD-"Money over Everyone" its the best grime release all year. Straight up and down.

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