Saturday, 20 November 2010

Introducing... @OilGang

With the Grime scene currently enjoying success on various platforms, it may be hard for some to look past the obvious achievements of the artists currently basking in the mainstream glow, however behind them we have a flourishing independent movement of DJ’s, producers, artists, and of course labels.  I shouldn’t really have to point out how important it is to have these independent record labels putting out good grime music, but start ups such as Pitch Controllers, Butterz, Oil Gang Records, and many more, are breathing new life into the Grime scene.

So for that reason I had a chat with Simon from Oil Gang to find out about his upcoming releases, what to expect next, and the future of the label.

Read the full article on the myBoxfresh Blog.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

#DASAPAR/DASAGAS. Translation: What were they thinking?(Part 2)

You know when you're listening to your favorite Grime MC, and they say something that doesn't make sense or you don't understand...(this applies to every spoken genre to be honest, and of course Wocka Flocka Flame is in a category of his own). Unless it's a case of you just not knowing the latest slang, the chances are, you either misheard or what you don't understand ACTUALLY doesn't make sense. It's not even rare for MC's to just make up words that miraculously rhyme, So Solids Neutrino was in fact the undisputed KING of this. Now I'm not about to give you a glossary of slang like this terrible article, but just wanted to highlight a few more things MC's have said in and out of song that have led people to go "eh/huh/wah" etc.

You can read last year's part one here btw.

First off - Flirta D... I dont understand why people say they don't understand what he's saying, if you watch this video, and read the highest rated comment which is a pretty accurate transcript of the noise he makes, you realise your not meant to understand it, it just sounds good. However his legendary Forward 2 8 bar(0.41 seconds in), isn't actually just noise, the first part is him saying he's bad to the bone. Yeah you never noticed that before did you?

Oh yeah side note, I'm of part Jamaican heritage, and I don't understand a word Knowledge from Fire Camp says. Someone please identify which language he's spitting in.

Since that last post a lot more hilarious sayings have come out of the eccentric genius, that is Wiley as well. A man who responded to the false rumours of his death with something along the lines of... "I've heard rumours of me being dead before, but this time it felt like it was actually real".

Now I'm not sure if he just failed to word the statement correctly but this literally conjured up images of him hearing the rumors, and having to get someone to check his pulse to see if he was still alive. Oh yeah make sure you follow him on twitter, and watch the Ustream's when you can, hours of entertainment right there.

That reminds me certain people need to log out of twitter and never log back in, I can guarantee once a week around 2am, the same users will have an emotional breakdown, which results in them tweeting things they never should. I'm not gonna start giving examples, cos its pretty personal stuff, but you probably already know the same select few I'm talking about.

Anyway now I've sort of sorted out life after uni, I'll be on here a lot more so keep looking out for the regular, hungover, trivia and sometimes just rambling based updates...

(And a new mix this week).