Sunday, 6 September 2009

Quick One.

Par, its the 8th of September which now means, my final and most important year of university looms around the corner, but also I'm looking forward to the goods that will be purchased when that last first installment of the loan drops. Anyway this is just a quick update so guys know im still alive init, I'll post another proper grime read soonish, but for now look at this stuff and get involved if you havent already.

Before I forget, I'm back on legal radio on the 29th of september. Tuesdays 11-1. Geography on CSR FM. Broadcasting worlwide and across kent on the fm dial. If youve never heard one of my shows your slacking, but im gonna be throwing the tracklistings and shows up on here, so you can keep up. In fact ill probably throw up an old show before then. Anyway check the stuff below.



If you want stuff like this straight away, you need to keep checking Grimeforum.

And make sure you get down to friscos Video lauch @ the old blue last on Friday the 11th. It's gonna be alot. It's free but if you want to attend you'll need to RSVP via or by calling 0208 8371 7513.


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