Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mini Mix.

Quick 16minute mini mix. Not really grime but I was trying something different, this was the last mix I could record before my trusty old mixer fully kicked it(rip).


Geo - Subliminal
Magnetic Man - Eclipse
Jakes Vs Joker - 3KLane
Dizzee Rascal - Live Large n Charge
*Little Boots - Remedy(Rusko's Big Trainers Remix)
Breakage ft David Rodigan - Together
Geo - Sublow Assassin
La Roux - I'm not your toy(Jack beats remix)

*short cameo from bbk-too many man(its sounded ridiculous at that pitch tho lol)

Dont forget I'm back on Radio on the 29th of this very month, competitions, violence, and everything else you love, condensed into audio form, its gonna be alot.

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