Wednesday, 7 July 2010

"I don't need to say much...I just say..."

AYO, Yeah I've been neglecting this blog a little bit, but it's only because there's a whole heap of other stuff in the pipeline. Now that I have no more lectures or seminars to attend I've realised there's a lot of stuff I need to start doing.

Anyway first things first, I'm still trying to sort out my next EP release(digital download & CD), 8 tracks, bass heavy, and all a bit nuts. If you havent already , go download my free promo's, The Excess EP & The Over Excess EP, or in a few weeks your gonna be able to pick up a free CD copy of them in your local recordshop/wherever else I can dump a couple. (Both will be on one CD, mastered and with a pro mixdown)

Seeing as I'm done with Uni, and am now back in London all day every day, I had to say bye to my show on CSR as well. The last show was nuts, a 3 hour special of just my percy ingles, and I still gotta shout everyone who was involved on the email/twitter/forum/blogs/whatever.

I know, I've been long uploading the audio but click here to download the full 3 hour finale.

I'm gonna put up a tracklist soon enough, with the mixcloud links as normal.

Oh yeah I'm not looking to get a slot on another station anytime soon, I wanna concentrate on bookings and building up a new catalog of my tunes, but you'll catch me doing guest sets here and there. This Sunday you can catch me alongside Slackk, Oil Gang, and Mr Mitch on Sub FM, should be effed.

Also last Saturday I attended the "Jahmanji" launch party, Camera in hand to bring you some footage, but like an idiot I forgot to take any batteries. So enjoy this short dark mopile phone clip of Jam performing Back to the 90's. It was too hype.

I was meant to do a review of the CD, but errrrrr... loadsaa people beat me to it, you can read Frankstahs here.

I'm sure I ain't the only one tired of hearing and seeing MC's who havent made a good tune in ages gas on camera for no reason, so this summer we're gonna be starting a new video interview series catching up with the UK Producers and DJ's currently making waves in the scene. First interview is being filmed next week, so yeah that should be big.

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