Monday, 29 March 2010

Geo // Drums in the air: Round 2 (Audio and Tracklist)

Heres the second hour from last saturdays show. I just wanted one last rinse out of all my favourite tunes cos really i did not plan the show at all. I've tried to play more than 60 tunes in 60 minutes before and failed. Not this time. Set was effed. Played 70+ of my percy ingles. Then went home with a next headache. It was worth it. Download, enjoy tell a friend to tell a friend to tell me what they thought.

Mediafire link:


Oxide & Neutrino - Foot to the floor
DJ Myrikal - High Roller
R1 Ryders - Rubberband
Dexplicit - Steamtrain VIP
Silencer - Mr T
Mr Mitch - Silk Sheets
Maniac - Headshot
Jack Daniels - Hydrolic EP VIP
Moony - Animated
Moony - The Circus
Swizzee Star - What did he say
Nocturnal - Dont phone me remix
Geeneus - Jam hot(Davinche Remix)
Maniac - Man Dem
Maniac - Star in the making (remix)
Exo Remedy - Ratchet
SRC - Goomba
Demos - Dirty Way
Deset - Mindwarp V Ecstacy
Moony - Barley
Geo - Carrier Bag
D1 - Ongie Bongie
Benny Page - Pan Pipes
DJ Narrows - Saved Souls
Maniac - Skeng'd Out
SNK - Writers Block
Suspicious Stench - Breathe remix
Benga - Evolution
Magnetic Man - Eclipse
Caspa & Rusko - Bread get Bun
Swindle - Dare Devil
Geo - Rubicon
Geo - Warning Remix
Deset - Danger(Garage Remix)
Royal T - 1up(Rockz remix)
DJ Myrikal - Skorpion
Jack Daniels - Be Easy
Moony - Blue Planet
Moony - Blue Planet(DarkRun Remix)
Martyn - Mega Drive Generation
SX - Man on the Bus
Swindle - Air Miles
WereWolf - Iron Gates(Spooky remix)
Silencer - Final Lap
Dexplicit - Thunder Cats
Skepta - UFO
TC - Wheres my money(Caspa/JackBeats Remix)
Rusko - Cockney Thug(Buraka som sistema remix)
Rusko - Jahova
Geo - Sky/High/or Skyface the name changes everyday
Jack Daniels - CPU
DJ Myrikal - Resolution
Exo Remedy - Dieselhead
Geo - 1000 Deaths
J Beatz - Christmas Eve Massacre
Sketch'E - 9th Dan
Sketch'E - Water Bed
Gumzy - Teaser
Grimbo - Punctured Soul
Smasher - Energy Riddim
Jack Daniels - Peoples Champ
Geo - Yoga Riddim
Geo - Sublow Assasin
Splurt - Cha Chong
SNK - West Hill
SRC - Tokyo Central
Jack Daniels - No.7 VIP
Nocturnal - Stop
Silencer - World War 4
Dexplicit - Airvent
TNT - News at 10
Terror Danjah - Square off.

Catch me at the GF awards/Chockablock on the 9th of April. Fully Sober, Acting in a sensible manner.

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