Tuesday, 2 February 2010

OilGang - 2010 Tron Bassmix

Just found this in my inbox, and im half way through listening, and its big. I'm already familiar with all these guys as talented beatmakers except for Myrikal(who sounds sick tbh), so if your not already you need to get involved and check them out.

Also I fully forgot about "One finger skank", gonna have to dig out my old harddrive and make a few more vip mixes this week. (There was a period of time were I made the sickest beats, with terrible mixdowns(over compressed and shit) so the vips are just an excuse to remedy this lol.)

Anyway this mix is to promote Slackk and OilGang's bi-weekly show on Subfm Sundays 11am-1pm.

Oil Gang B2B Slackk - Sub FM every other Sunday - 11am - 1pm http://sub.fm/


320kbps mp3 - 100MB


2010 Tron Bass

1: Last Night Remix - SRC

2: CPU (Ozone Edit) - Jack Daniels

3: Hot Pursuit - Moony

4: The Roads - Dj Myrikal

5: Murderer - Spooky

6: Get Along Group - Geo

7: Hunger Pains - Mr.Mitch

8: Lemsip - SRC

9: One2One - Moony

10: Road Rage (Gumzy Remix) - Grimbo

11: Skyface VIP - Geo

12: Suicide Riddem - Dj Myrikal

13: Renegade - Moony

14: Rotten Roses - Spooky

15: No. 7 - Jack Daniels

16: Crippled Sublow Assasin - Geo

17: Fright Night - Mr.Mitch

18: Skorpion - Dj Myrikal

19: Animated - Moony

20: I Am What I Am - Jack Daniels

21: Silk Sheets - Mr.Mitch

22: One Finger Skank - Geo

The Producers:









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