Sunday, 31 January 2010

Geography // CSRFM // 30th January(Audio and Tracklist)

Didnt really plan the show so just showed up and catered to the requests alongside a few of my favourites and some new bits. Mixed nicely for your ears.

Instrumental mix :
Vocals :
Full show:

Listen to the last 45 minutes on Mixcloud:


Kano - More than one way.
Dot Rotten - Woah ouh woah.
M.I.K - My final Freestyle VIP

In the Mix

Benga -
Caspa ft Beezy - Disco Jaws
Benny Page - Swagger
P Money - If mans talking
Slix ft Tinchy Stryder, Jammer - U do U
Matt Shadetek ft Skepta - Reign
P Jam & Skepta - To experience
JME - Over Me
True Tiger - WD25
Dot Rotten - Ride for me
P-Money - Friuts and Veg
Tempa T -Magic Circle Freestyle
Tinchy Stryder ft Roach - Rollin(remix)
Roll Deep - Hickory Dickory
M.I.K ft Kwam - Never seen Never heard
M.I.K ft Styler - One Shot
Untitled - I am what I am (remix)
Ghetts - Grime Activity

Instrumentals/A few vocals

SRC - Hallucinating
Demos - Dirty Way
Moony - Barley
Caspa & Rusko - Bread Get Bun
Caspa - Marmite
Joker & Ginz - Re Up
Benga - Evolution
DOK - Warning(Geo Remix)
So Solid -Woah(JD Remix)
Dexplicit - Fireboy
Dexplicit - Steamtrain VIP
Silencer - Wizard
Mr Mitch - Snail Shell
DJ Narrows - Saved Soul
Swindle - Airmiles
Jack Daniels - Psionic
DVA - Kill all ah Dem
Jack Daniels - No 7 VIP
JME - 96 Bars of revenge Remix
Gumzy - Dun ya hype Remix
Moony - Dumplin
Big H - Hooligan
Sandman - Eagles Claw
Geo - Carrier Bag
Tempa T - Next Hype
Swizzee Star - What did he say?
P Money - 1 UP
OG'z - Hot Ones (Royal T Remix)
J Beatz - Dutty
Geo - Rubicon
Dot Rotten - Rowdy Riddim
SketchE - 9th Dan
Exo Remedy - Ratchet
SketchE - Shotgun
Gumzy - Scratch n Scar
Geo - Blogger
Geo - Crippled Sublow Assasin
SRC - Tokyo Central

Gonna go do 3 guest mixes tonight and over the next few days so make sure to get your tunes into ASAP.

(Also everyone whos already sent me tunes i havent been able to play yet, its cause i allowed myself to get a huge back log but im literallly emptying my inbox and listening to them now as i type.)

In a bit.

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