Sunday, 15 November 2009

Geography // CSRFM // 11thNovember (Audio and Tracklist)

This show has a slightly different format to the others so had to split into three downloads. Thanks to Arsonite for the rips.

We had a oneaway vocal set from two new up and coming local emcees, Chainzy and KSnapz, (I was on the decks obviously) and then i mixed away the last hour of the show. Enough writing, heres the audio and the tracklist.

For the last hour mixup click here
For the just the vocal set click here
For the full show click here

JME - Standard
Wiley ft bare guys - 16 bar rally
OG'Z - Passin Thru
Terror Danjah ft more guys - Morph
Skepta - Oh my Gosh

//Vocal Set/With Chainzy and KSnapz.

*Deset - Mindwarp*
Moony - The Circus
Geo - Subliminals
SRC - Goomba
Jack Daniels - Dangerous
Dexplicit - SteamTrain VIP
Dexplicit - Blazer
Benny Page - Pan Pipes
Suspicious Stench - Breathe remix
Silencer - Mr T
Geo - Shangralah
Geo - Rubicon
Nocturnal - Dont phone me
Silencer - WW4
Maniac - Thug
Hardhouse Banton - Sirens
JME - 96 Bars Remix
Geo - Bossman

//Last Hour

M.I.K - Back you know
M.I.K ft Styler - One Shot
Dot Rotten - Rowdy Riddim
Flow Dan - News at Ten Freestyle
Scorcher ft Terminator - Spartan Gang
P Money - Left the room
Breakage ft Newham Generals - Hard
Durtty Goodz - Gutter Music
Maxsta - East London is back
Starkey - Gutter Music VIP
Terror Danjah - Zumpi Huntah
Silencer - Final lap
Terror Danjah - Square off
Maniac - Star in the making remix
Maniac - Skengd out
Jack Daniels - Bloaw
Moony - Barley
Deset - Mindwarp V Ecstasy
Jack Daniels - CPU
Demos - The Dirty way
Emalkay - When I look at you
Caspa & Rusko - Bread Get Bun
Basement JAxx - Feelings gone(Rusko Remix)
Little Boots - Remedy(Rusko Remix)
Joker - Cruel Intentions
Swindle - Swagger
Benny Page- Step out
Geo - Partake in the par

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