Saturday, 14 November 2009

#DASAPAR/DASAGAS. Translation: What were they thinking?

It's been a good month for gassing tbh. A very good month, first off we had Chippy threatening to commit suicide on twitter, and um then certain blogs/twitters started appearing with the sole intention of anonymously sending for the artists that had probably previously parred said internet personality. One particular hater is running things at the moment but trust me theres quite a few.

Anyway for the last 4 days ive been locked up trying to catch up with my education deadlines, with only old school sets and redbull for company, this is when I was reminded of certain "questionable" bars/fully gassing bars, that either dont make sense, or just make you wonder what the fuck said artist was thinking. Heres a quick rundown of some of my

NoLay - "My chicks they suck cock." - Hear it on - NASTY CREW FT NO LAY - STRAIGHT OFF THE BLOCK
Seriously WTF. Was I supposed to be impressed that your friends may perform fellatio on the mandem? Im baffed how no one else has questioned this before,(well no one i know anyone).

Chipmunk - "I'm Chip I be getting the girls to Unstrip" - Hear it on - Ghetto ft Chipmunk - I'
m Ghetts Remix.
Hold tight Chipmunk, getting the girls to put their clothes on.

Dot Rotten - "I attract birds like ScareCrows" - Hear it on - Sugar and Coke.
Dots a badboy still. His latest CD is fucked. But scarecrows dont attract birds, in fact the clue is right there in the name... make sure you go cop that cd though, the levels are extremely high.

Skepta - "The English teacher tried make me hoover." - Hear it on - Bare Skepta sets.
I just wanna know why she tried to make him hoover lol, did he spill something on the floor? Surely it wasnt just a random request.

Wiley - The funniest guy in Grime.

There are way too many powerful quotes from songs/ interviews/twitter/radiosets to list here but everyone knows the Godfather of Grime has a unique outlook on life. So here are just a few of my personal favourites.

"I been to the motherland, went to Miami and saw Danny Glover" - LOL
"Tryna take man for some jengaleng, Man aint no jengaleng" - I Laughed so much back when I first heard this I sampled it.
"Im not scared of foxes fam, if I saw a fox at night, I would feed it chicken bones." - LOL

More quotes here

EVERYSINGLE THING HE EVER POSTED ON RWDForum. - (its a shame thats all gone forever but ttkk).

Anyway utilise the comments section and tell me what Grime quotes/gas/straight up mistakes got to you.

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