Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Partake in the Par.

Long. I havent had much time to sit down on a thinking tip recently. It isnt just cos ive got a crazy workload at uni, (which im only just starting to realise I have). I decided to make a documentary on grime for my final project. Didnt take into account my own longness, let alone the longness of everyone else in this scene, parred myself nicely.

Anyway Maniac and Snoopy are looking at a long time away, I dont really care about the story, but its a serious waste of talent, and a big shame. The Sun has already jumped on the bandwagon though. Also why do they call ANY black musician, a rapper? Cunts. Ive never heard Chris Brown or Usher spray a 16 in my life yet ive seen them get the rapper treatment as well.

There's been a lot of stuff to Download this month, Im gonna list them properly in a boxfresh blog soonish but heres a couple:

Warlock - Friend of mine, foe of the music.
Manga - Adventures of...
Merky Ace - Shinobi EP/Best of.
All my radio shows.(another reason I havent had time to blog)
And ALOT more stuff here.

Dont forget Tuesdays 11pm. I pollute the airwaves. Really well. It sounds sick moretime.

Also keep checking out my soundcloud im uploading stuff more regularly now. Ep's are almost done. I had to start tagging some stuff cos people have actually started ripping and vocalling shit, other people had planned to vocal, minor, Partake in the par.

I have bare next things, to say, but I have bare next things to do, so ill save it for 2moro, so I dont bore you too much.


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