Friday, 30 October 2009

Geography // CSRFM // 27thOctober. (Audio)

LOL First of all I wasnt drunk(during the show). My inability to talk was down to only having 3 hours of sleep the previous night before having wake up at 9 for my project proposal/presentation, that morning, then deciding i would stay awake all day so i could fix my sleeping pattern. (I usually go to sleep around 7am and wake up at 4pm, yes, this has actually been my normal sleeping pattern for the last month) just remembered this aint a rambling so heres the audio and the TL will follow soon, I just touched down from a boxfresh press event, and am unsuitably licked atm(not during the show).

Audios a bit low though (click the picture):

BTW if its the first time youve ever heard a Geography show I suggest you download this one instead lol. this was and still is my favourite.

Next week I'm gonna start off the producer showcase section properly (with JD again), I clocked how many Jack Daniels tunes I forgot at home. it was a par. I also have 2 mc's comin on the show next week Chainzy and K-Snapz. Their gonna be spraying down a half hour set. I'll post more details up later.

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