Wednesday, 18 May 2011

One Finger.

Yeah ask any DJ, over the years I've sent out/given away/even sold some of the biggest tunes with the shoddiest of mixdowns, even though I'm still no expert and still have a lot to learn I've got a little help these days and we're going back revisiting old fl studio files and giving them the proper mixdown/master they deserve, well at least trying to. Then giving them away on the MVN Audio bandcamp.

We start with a beat from 2007(I think) called One Finger Skank. I'm also lining up Shangralah, Got no Rhythm, Topboy, and loads others so look out for them.

If those names actually mean something to you and arent just random words on a page, I salute you. In fact if you've got any requests for reworkings of tunes I made before I was officially "Just Geo" just send me a email, and I'll get that sorted.

Don't forget For The Win, is out now.

Take it easy.

1 comment:

  1. SICKA.

    Been banging this beat from day.