Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Make noise on Soundcloud, not the Gym.

Finally got "F.T.W" wrapped up so that should be out pretty soon, I know a couple people have been hunting "Dagger Dagger" for a while so you'll be able to get your hands on a crisp copy of it pretty soon.

Also I have no idea why but my soundcloud followers almost doubled over the last week,(or maybe I just hadn't looked through them in quite a while). Either way I'm gonna try and throw so more stuff on there, starting with a few bits people were asking about after I dropped them in the Fahked mix.

You can now listen to the full 8 bit bullet VIP, right here.
Just Geo - 8 Bit Bullet (Fire Hazard VIP) by justgeo

And a clip of the first version of Dagger Ya Record.
Just Geo - Dagger Ya Record 01 by justgeo

Enjoy init, they're not for download though cos I'm not a prick.


Oh yeah, Tempz definitely needs a TV show of some sort. This is actually hilarious.

There's two more parts to come as well.

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