Thursday, 20 January 2011

When I'm not sorting assorted sore tings. I make beats.

I'm just gonna pretend this isn't the first time I've updated my blog in the last two months. I've been mostly working towards getting some vocal stuff out in 2011(artists are long), but I do have two instrumental EP's dropping very soon. Check out the early preview of the first below.

Just Geo - The Milky Way EP
1. Deus Ex Machina
2. Milky Way

3. Galactus

4. Dark Matter

Just Geo - The Milky Way EP by justgeo

That is dropping in February on MVN Audio, and for those who don't already know about me make sure you go and check out Under The Influence which is out right now.

Second EP is pretty different to the above and it's called FTW, I'll be releasing a whole heap of information about that in the near future...(no point telling people about two EP's at once) ...but for now here's a clip of Boy Better Know spitting over one of the forthcoming beats.

Also I've started raping my soundcloud with random audio, so make sure to regularly go check it out for stuff like old vocals from 2003-2007 to new bangers.. or just stuff that has no purpose.

In fact here's something random I made that has me slightly gassed...

Just Geo - Gassed on Synths by justgeo

Theres more stuff I can post from the sound cloud but thats long for now. I'm on a twitter a lot more now as if your on there give me a shout/tweet...

PS: Go nominate/vote for your favourite artists/acts/personalities in the Grime Awards. NOW

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