Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Creators project : Mark Ronson

The Creators Project
is a network dedicated specifically to the celebration of creativity across all forms of media, all around the world. Basically if your like me, and always curious about how stuff and especially artists work behind the scenes, then you definetely need to have a look at it.

They've got an interview forthcoming with Tinchy Stryder(who just partnered up with Jay-Z WOW), which I'm really looking forward to. It's nuts to think how a few years ago I was seeing this guy perform at underground Grime raves, and now he's got super star status.

Anyway for now, again make sure you check out the site, there are a lot of pretty informative interviews on there, newest being the one above, from Mark Ronson.

Oh yeah look out for the other creatives, soon to make an appearance on there.

Also I've got the audio for my last ever show on CSR, shouts to everyone who was locked live, it was sick, and I appreciate everyone who got involved. I'm gonna tracklist it very soon, and all 3 hours will be uploaded right here.

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