Sunday, 7 February 2010

Geography(w/ Producer Showcase) // CSRFM // 6th February(Audio & Tracklist)

Link to the full show:
Link to the showcase:
Last half hour on Mixcloud:

OGz - Intro
D1 - Ongie Bongie
JME - Over Me
Terror Danjah - Poltergeist Remix
Marvell ft Dot Rotten - Lets make it Happen
Silencer - Wizard
Silencer - Final Lap
Skepta & PJam - Too Experience
M.I.K ft Kwam - Never Seen Never Heard
P Money - Fruits and Veg
Trolley Snatcha - The future
OGz - Hot Ones(Royal T Remix)
DJ Narrows - Saved Souls
Swindle - Airmiles
BBK - Goin in
L Wiz - Girl from Codeine City
Rusko & Caspa - King George
Breakage ft Newham Generals - Hard
Caspa ft - London City
Demos - The Dirty Way

Producer Showcase: SNK // SRC // Swizzee Star // Sketch'E

Swizzee Star - Im back you know
Swizzee Star - What did he say
SRC - Hallucinatin'
SNK - Pinball Wizard
SNK ft OGz - Passin Thru
SketchE - Power Outage
SketchE - Shotgun
Swizzee Star - Word on Road
Swizzee Star - Bullacaking
SRC - Goomba
SRC - Tokyo Central
SNK - West Hill
SNK ft P Money - Nah Breddah
SketchE - Olympian
SketchE - 9th Dan

Geeneus - Midnite remix
Skepta & Terror Danjah - Love is here to stay remix instrumental
Dexplicit - BlindFury
Mr Mitch - Silk Sheets
Deset - Ecstacy
Deset - Mindwarp V Ecstacy
Tempa T - Next Hype
Geo - Carrier Bag
Rusko - Cockney Thug (Buraka som sistema remix)
TC - Wheres my money(Caspa JackBeatz Remix)
So Solid - Oh No Remix
Sticky ft Ms Dynamite - Boo (AC HQ Remix)
DJ Myrikal - High Roller
So Solid ft Dynamite - Envy
DJ Myrikal - Skorpion
Jack Daniels - Psionic
Jack Daniels - No 7 VIP

Oh yeah this showcase was just an intro, cos frankly i was too busy to collate all the stuff i had this week, but its back to the individual ones soon so dont worry, and yeh they all get one.

Not sure if theres gonna be a show next week cos at midnight I'll be turning 22, and its likely ill be off my face somewhere, but it may be a pre-recorded ting. By the way i need a new pair of HD25s and serato vinyls. *hint hint*

Anyway you know the address to send tunes, and I'll be on bookings anywhere and everywhere after the 1st of May.

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