Friday, 25 December 2009

Grimeforum & myBoxfresh present “Wrapped:2009.” Merry Christmas.

It’s actually Christmas day, which can only mean one thing…the biggest dinner ever, but lets not forget that this means the year is quickly drawing to a close. You already know what this means, numerous lists of ones to watch that will probably never be heard from again, and people you don’t know screaming, “2010 is gonna be my year fam”. Sure it is.

The fact is with the current state of the music industry as a whole, Grime as the music we love has also slighty suffered. This is just because of the decline of industry as a whole, it has nothing to do with the artists who are constantly churning out great music, the DJ’s who provide great live and radio sets, or the producers providing the backbone to the whole thing. They work hard, and it is obvious if you want to acheive any thing out of this hobby your gonna have to work harder. Anyway 2009 has been a year to celebrate, so much has been done, and we just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the stuff. There have been a lot of free downloads/twitter giveaways/forum exclusives/secret downloads etc that people missed out on, so we want to give you this…

Wrapped2009 copy

We collected tracks from some of the best free downloads this year to present this package to you, and then sprinkled some new exclusives from our forum favourites on top as well. There’s stuff from Scorcher, True Tiger, Skepta, Rudekid, Tinchy Stryder, Silencer and much much more, so all I can say is, ENJOY… and oh yeah theres probably gonna be a Wrapped 2009 part 2. Also make sure you get on the forum and nominate your favourite artists for a Grime award this year, nominations close on the 31st. We’ve gotta give the artists the recognition they’ve worked so hard for.

Merry Christmas, and I’ll see you in 2010. Pow.


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