Thursday, 19 November 2009

Geography // CSRFM // 17thNovember w/Moony Showcase (Audio and Tracklist)

Next ting. Btw showcase had me skanking, and not just the necessary crossfader skank, i was fully vybezing the whole way through. That M.I.K tune is fucked as well. So is Untitled's new cd, gonna try and get them on the show soonish

Fullshow :
Just the moony showcase:

*Maniac - Thug*
M.I.K ft Styler - One Shot
Silencer - WW4
OG'z - Passin Thru
Ruff Squad - Tryna Be Me
P Money - Fruits and Veg
Untitled - I am what I am
J2K ft Frisco, JAmmer - Talk of the town
Maxsta - East London is Back
Benny Page - Panpipes
Tempa T - Next hype
Bearman ft Doctor Fender - Drinkin Bear Remix
Geo - Partake in the Par
Double S - Pot full of gold
Griminal - It's alot
Dexplicit ft Random Impulse - Priorities

//Who's that(Producer segment) - Moony
Moony - Barley
Moony - The Circus
Moony - Mathematics
Moony - Pepper sauce
Moony - Tick Boom
Moony - LongRed
Moony - MD
Moony - Marked
Moony - Dumplin
Moony - Calling
Moony - Watch Dis???
Moony -
Moony - 121

Dot Rotten - Rowdy Riddim
Deset - Mindwarp V Ecstacy
Jack Daniels - CPU
Breakage/Newham Gens - Hard
Scorcher ft Terminator - Spartan Gang
Chase and Status - Saxon
Suspicious Stench - Breathe Remix
SMD - Cruel Intentions(Joker Remix)
Tes la Rok/Uncle Sam - In the VIP
The Streets - Blinded by the lights (remix)
Geo - Skyface VIP
Jack Daniels - Dangerous
Demos -
Bouncer -
ExoRemedy - Ratchet
SketchE - Power outage?
SRC - Stinkin Skunk
Dexplicit - Steamtrain VIP
Splurt - Lewisham
SNK - Wavy
Geo - Rubicon

Oh yeah and if you listen to the last ten minutes and still refuse to rate the new producers coming thru then suck out

(will fill in gaps asap)

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