Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I Love Pars.

I really do, in fact I was about to fall asleep and someone asked when the part two to parring the scene is coming, and i told him to goweh cos really and truly i dont need to write another one,(the first one said it all), but that reminded me how i'd been parring my blog, so i jumped on for a quick little ramble.

I will write more stuff like that, I have to in fact, and youll be able to read it on GF, here, and now the Boxfresh site. Just gimme some time to organise my thoughts, and life.

Big up the guys at boxfresh and oh yeah watch this video as well.

Is anyone else getting parred by the Student loans company? First they try tell me im no longer at uni and therefore not entitled to a loan(im posting this from halls right now tbh, while researching my final year project), and now i find out theyve been sending all my forms to the wrong address. In Bristol. I have NEVER even been to Bristol. I'd understand if they sent shit to an old address but making a new one up is just a mudting.

Oh yeh hold tight everyone who was locked into my show tonight, bare guys getting involved(pause), it went way too quick and if u missed it ill throw the recording and tl up here on Thursday. (im still missing a couple tunes cos i havent organised my new lappy properly yet)

Dont forget every tuesday 11pm - 1am on csrfm. (I was gonna link to my specialist show page but the csr site seems to be down)

During the set however i clocked serato was acting up. Serato never used to mess about on my 5 year old deadout pentium -1 laptop so now im running a scan to see whagwan.
It appears this 2 week fresh from the box brand new portable dualcore powerhouse already has e-aids. par. And im not even barebacking the net so im baffed.(bare firewalls and that)

Oh yeah new EP is almost done, I may have to split it into two(but still release them at the same time) might even spotify it this time round. IF you dont already know about my old releases click the covers on the side to find out whats good. Keep checking the soundcloud for glimpses of the new stuff.

Oh yeah hold tight Jack Daniels and Moony. There's a reason youll see them all over the show tracklist when I up it. I've had the stuff theyve been sending me on repeat for a while now. Too much. (I'm gonna do a proper indepth post about the new wave of producers watch).

Also hold tight the randoms that have started filling up my inbox as well. I get alot of genres i dont even usually play which doesnt make sense to me but, meh if its good i'll promote it/it'll go in the library anyway. I'm gonna start upping some of that stuff here as well. in fact...

*chooses random email*

This is produced by DeadMau5. I hear his name a lot so you might as well give it a listen. (feedback on a postcard to my email address, and ill forward it to artist)

Tunes to geo(at) or justgeo(at)
((at) is because I get enough spam as it is)

Oh yeah Heroes is dead. and Entourage is very good but swag for only having 12 eps again this season. Someone put me on to some new TV shows.

(just reading this back now and rah...I do write alot)

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