Friday, 16 October 2009

Geography // CSRFM // 13thOctober. (Audio and TL)

Listening back now ive just found out the desk was cutting the bed music whenever i spoke, nonetheless this was a very big show, The best ones always seem to fly past in like the space of 30 minutes.

DJ Unitz - When things go wrong
Benny Page - Step out
Caspa and Rusko - Bread get bun
P Money - Left the Room
Skepta - Are you ready?
Terror Danjah - Zumpi Huntah(DOK remix)
Silencer - Mr T
Geo - Polymorphism
JME - Standard
Frisco ft Tempa T, Jammer - Big man ting
J2K ft Manga, Flowdan - The Landlords
Big H - Big Hooligan
DOK - Warning
Jack Daniels - Hydrolic
Dizzee Rascal - Live large n in charge
Benga - Evolution
Benny Page - Pan pipes
Tinchy Stryder ft Ruff Squad - Tryna be me
Skepta - Fin widda team remix instrumental
P Money - 1up
SRC - Goomba
M.I.K - Back you know
Maniac - What the Rass
OG'z - Need fi tell ya
OG'z - Passin thru
SNK - Wavy
Dizzee Rascal - Ice Rink Freestyle
Deset - Mindwarp V Ecstacy
Wiley ft bare guys - 16 bar rally
Jack Daniels - No 7
Moony - Barley
Geo - Partake in the Par
Moony - Dumpling
Suspicious stench - Breathe remix.
Benny Page - Trigga Finga
M.I.K - On a Roll
Sketche - Deep Six
Little Dee & P Money - Dont understand.
Dot Rotten - Guitar rig
Wookie - Battle
Nesha - Whats it gonna be.
Jaimeson ft angel blu - True
Luck and Neat - Irie
Sweet female atitude - Flowers
Heartless - Super Glue Riddim
BBK ft Heartless - Too many man remix
Greyman - Poker face remix
Ms Dynamite - Badgyal(Hot like fiyah)
Wiley - The Olly
Geo - Guilty.


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