Friday, 14 August 2009

United Underground Saturday the 18th

Saturday the 18th of July saw the Queen Elizabeth hall at the Southbank Centre, invaded by a plethora of young people to attend an event, which was used to raise awareness about how we can actively get involved to help shape a better future, while celebrating unity through Music.

This Event was United Underground. Put together by Riz Ahmed, Crispin Parry the head of British Underground, and Chantelle Fiddy at Ctrl+Alt+Shift.

Upon arrival it became clear that this was not your typical underground event. While all the familiar faces where inside, the atmosphere was one I am not used to. While Bass(supplied by the Urban Nerds sounds system) rumbled through the foundations of the building, I took a quick stroll around the perimeter, and came across these...
They had been painted only hours earlier, with a central theme around corruption, and everyone was voting for their favourite representation. (I couldn't decide between the blue capitalist, or the bunnies, so I slyly voted for both). Other activities included contributing to the fanzine that was made in realtime, sewing(yes sewing), and origami. This was literally meters away from the stage where the Dirty Canvas sound system had now taken over, and Rinse wasted little time in commanding the standing crowd to "Put 'em up".

After Rinse had finished performing, DJ Magic was joined on stage by Dizzle Kid(of Lava Unit), and they kept the crowd lively with a great mix of grime, and garage classics...
Until this guy showed up.
Click here to watch a clip of Bish Bash Bosh performing "Who wants to be a millionaire".

Noel Clarke decided to briefly invade the stage after he was done at the speaker's corner on the roof, (no baseball bat though).

Next up was a set from Afrikan Boy.
Click here to watch a clip of Afrikan Boy performing "One Day I went to...".

The last performers were RizMC and female Dubstep DJ from Manchester, DJ Djinn. Unfortunately by now, I seemed to have lost the ability to hold the camera straight, (blame it on the...) so don't have any pictures of them, but they smashed it.

Gotta send a big shout, to everyone who was involved, and everyone else who attended...


Random Impulse DJ JJ

Also gotta send another shout to DJ Magic, who has a massive Mix CD coming soon entitled "No hats No hoods Edition one". It boasts a wealth of features from today's top Grime artists. I was lucky enough to get an early copy and it is definitely gonna be worth the wait.(watch this space)

If you missed out, here's a setlist...and make sure your at the next one. It is for a good cause after all...


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